• "Une vie pour rien?" 7 zine + EP

    "Une vie pour rien?" 7 zine + EP

    The last UVPR? fanzine issue. It is a bit old (2007) but some interviews (in both french/ english) and the 7" are still interesting I think.

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    Benoit/ Caméra Silens, Steno/ Nabat, Bombardiers (Bordeaux), Toro Bravo (Lituanie), Zona A (Slovaquie), Voice Of Boys (Bielorussie), Böiler (Hongrie), Steeve Goodman (écrivain skin anglais)...64 professionally printed A4 pages . + EP with unreleased tracks from Boilers (Hungary), The Daltonz (Normandie), The Rudes (Tours), Gonna Get Yours (Paris).

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